Mental Health Skill Building services are for adults and older adolescents receiving Medicaid who are diagnosed with serious mental illness or suffer from a dual diagnosis, experience significantly impairment in major life activities, have difficulty with interpersonal relationships, and are unable to recognize personal danger or inappropriate social behavior. These individuals typically require help in accomplishing basic living skills to ensure improved health and safety and need recurring interventions by psychiatrists, mental health workers, social services and judicial systems.

Making a MHSB referral: 

Referrals can be made by calling at (757) 766-2922 our main office or fill out a referral form here.

Referral sources, we recognize that each client is a unique individual with a unique situation. With our skills and experience we partner with the client and their families to tailor service that will promote positive change and better decision-making.


After a screening is completed and the individual is considered eligible for MHSB, a DSFAP counselor will immediately begin the needs assessment with the help of the previously treating professional. Support services begin immediately upon approval of the prior authorization request, which typically takes up to three business days. In cases where the individual does not fit the criteria, appropriate referrals are made. The time period from a referral to the initial contact with the client is typically between 24-48 hours.